XtruClear Description

XtruClear is a range of high quality thermoplastic amorphous polyester sheets that offer a constant high quality, have excellent flexible fabrication properties that offer options to enable the realisation of products with complex shapes and demands, along with of cost effectiveness, excellent transparency, chemical resistance, high impact resistance and prints beautifully. XtruClear Sheets can be cold bent (<2mm) and do not require drying prior to forming. Suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including food contact and medical applications.
Compositions of Virgin PET/PETG, Post-industrial PET or Post-consumer PET levels to suit any end-user demands, R-PET Product with Recycled content of up to 100%.
Suitable for food contact and medical applications (except UV stabilised products). Suitable for gamma radiation sterilisation.

XtruClear Applications

XtruClear sheet/films are of high optical clarity and high transparency / light transmission properties before and after machining make them suitable for all kinds of challenging applications.

These thermoplastic films/sheet are tailored to meet the most demanding needs across a wide range of applications some of the advantages are the excellent impact strength and rigidity. Ultra-fast forming cycle times and good deep-draw behaviour with uniform wall thickness. XtruClear is suitable for external use as natural PET is excellent for up to 5 years exterior applications and for increased weather resistance an optional UV absorbing cap layer surface protection can be applied by co-extrusion to both sides of the sheet which can increase the weather resistance for up to 10years.


Diplay Unit - APET

Diplay Unit – APET

XtruClear Materials are suitable for:

  • DIY greenhouse and farm building glazing
  • Hygienic cladding panels
  • Bus shelter glazing and time table protectors
  • Car park walk way shelters
  • Shopping trolley bays and Smoke Shelters
  • Point of Sale Display shelving
  • Poster covers and document holders
  • Fridge & freezer liners & dividers
  • Machinery guards & glazing
  • Vending machines Covers
  • Automotive & Transport registration plates
  • Box type and transparent packaging applications
  • Microwave oven containers and trays
  • Handling & Transit trays
  • Disposables for the catering industry
  • Containers for confectionaries & pastries
  • Convenience Packaging
  • Industrial packaging of various packaging parts
  • Printed signage and stationery applications

XtruClear Availability

Thickness range 0.5mm to 3mm  Tolerance +/- 5% (typical +/- 2.5%)
Standard Sheet Width 1250mm Tolerance +/- 1mm
Sheet Standard sizes 1250mm x 2050mm – 1250mm x 2500mm – 1250mm x 3050mm Other formats as requested by the client
Packaging Sheets are stacked on Timber pallets with cardboard
protection top and bottom and secured to the pallet with
plastic strapping covered with polyethylene sheet and
stretched wrapped.
Modifications Co-extrusion, UV protection and colour.
Standard colours Clear-Opaque White, Black.
Protective Masking All standard sheets are protected on two sides with
adhesive free protective film
Traceability All material are fully traceable from our supplier totally through
to the production to the end product.
Recyclability Polyester is manufactured with low energy and all inputs
are 100% recyclable.
Weather resistance Naturally excellent weather resistance but can be extended
with UV treatments.