XtruForm Description

xtruform2Xtruform Films are manufactured to satisfy the high quality standards of the packaging industry they are specially designed for many types of thermoforming applications. Xtrupak has a wide range of film and sheet materials specifically for the food industry. Our range of Xtruform products offer excellent properties suited to food packaging. Our dimensional stable, high impact, high rigidity, excellent mechanical properties and environmentally friendly (No chlorine, is fully recyclable) and UV stable polyester films offer the best in thermoforming quality. High transparency & light transmission properties before and after machining. Excellent chemical resistance properties in Virgin PET, Post-industrial PET or Post-consumer RPET. PET is fully recyclable and allows for environmentally friendly solution. Xtruform sheet and film materials used for manufacturing food packaging are produced according to requirements for hygiene and safety outlined by the food industry. Xtruform quality and consistency supports ease of processing for most types of fabrication.


Xtruform is offered as a standard solution or tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements. Options include Co-extruded UV protection protects APET from UV rays extending the life of the sheet when used in external applications, anti-block by means of master-batch or silicone coating, Anti-static or Anti-fog and can be corona pre-treated to improve Printing adhesion. Peel-off and resalable container Applications, MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging) laminated with LD-LLDPE OR PE-EVOH-PE (EVOH range 5/10/15/20ยต)

XtruForm Applications

Xtruform Films are specially designed for all food related packaging solutions. Our Xtruform range offer many options for innovative packaging solutions from Fresh Food, Medium Shelf Life right through to extended shelf life products. Our Xtruform Films are widely used in the packaging of meat, fruit, deli ready meals salad, fresh sandwiches and freshly baked products. . In particular customers can find a wide range of APET and PETG thermo-formable films/sheet to meet various requirements. Produced according to the BRC/IoP (British Retail Consortium/Institute of Packaging) hygiene standard.

XtruForm films are suitable for deep draw thermoforming trays and all kinds of blister applications, vacuum packing, MAP and CAP packaging, resalable, soft peel, easy peel and permanent sealing. Our films can be used unprinted or printed and have excellent gloss levels for high quality presentation of the clients products.

Xtrupak technical team is continuously looking for innovative new solutions for the packaging industry

xtruformXtru From Materials are suitable for:

  • Deep Drawn Trays
  • Sorting inlays
  • Pre-formed food trays, Medical, Personal Care
  • Blister and Push-out Sealing Applications
  • Containers & Clam shells
  • Food trays & Lids
  • Peel-off and resalable container
  • MAP-Modified atmosphere packaging
  • CAP-controlled atmosphere packaging
  • Clip-on-lids
  • Microwave oven containers and trays
  • Peel-off and resalable container
  • Handling & Transit trays
  • Disposables for the catering industry
  • Containers for confectionaries & pastries
  • Convenience Packaging
  • Industrial packaging of various packaging parts
  • Printed or un-printed

XtruForm Availability

Thickness range .350 mm to 1.2mm Tolerance +/- 5% (typical +/- 2.5%)
Roll Width Range 450mm to 1200mm Tolerance +/- 1mm
Roll Diameter Up to 1000mm
Cores 76mm (3โ€) 152mm (6โ€) 203mm (8โ€) Paperboard wall thickness 12mm (option of Plastic cores)
Packaging Rolls are individually wrapped in stretch wrap or polyethylene Stacked on wood pallets and secured with strapping.
Modifications Co-extrusion, Anti-block, UV protection and colour.
Standard colours Clear-Opaque White, Black
Traceability All material are fully traceable from our supplier totally
through to the production to the end product.
Recyclability Polyester is manufactured with low energy and all inputs
are 100% recyclable.
Weather resistance Naturally excellent weather resistance but can be
extended with UV treatments.